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Now introducing our new certification logos:


Since 1999 the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® has developed criteria to determine competence in the practice of compliance and ethics across various industries and specialty areas, and recognizes individuals meeting these criteria through its compliance certification programs.

More than 10,400 people actively hold at least one of the following compliance and ethics professional certifications, including an international certification for individuals who work outside the United States or those who have international affiliates.

Benefits to becoming CCB certified

The purpose of certification is to promote compliance and ethics through the certification of qualified compliance professionals. Additionally, certification:

  • Enhances certificate holders’ credibility within their organizations and among their peers.
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of compliance and ethics.
  • Provides a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification.

Learn more about CCB certification and its benefits to compliance professionals from SCCE/HCCA CEO Roy Snell

Have a question about becoming certified?

Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email