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CHRC Detailed Content Outline

To help prepare for the CHRC exam, CCB provides candidates with a “Detailed Content Outline” specific to the CHRC exam.

The outline contains:

     The areas and tasks that will be tested in the CHRC® examination.Sample test

     The number of questions on the exam from each of the three cognitive levels and subject areas.

The examination will be scored on participants’ responses to 120 multiple-choice questions spread across all subject areas.

The numbers on the right side of each section of the outline indicate:

     Recall: The number of questions that require recollection of specific knowledge related to the subject area. This number is part of the total.

     Application: The number of questions that require application of recalled knowledge to discern the final answer. This number is part of the total.

     Analysis: The number of questions that require the analysis of a situation to determine a proper action listed among several choices. This number is part of the total.

     Total: The total number of questions from the subject area that will appear on the exam.

See the CHRC “Detailed Content Outline” in our Handbook.