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Have a question?

Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email

3. Submit the renewal fee

Once CCB has documentation of your 40 CCB CEUs, submit the renewal fee to complete the renewal process. See the "Certification fees" section for more information.

If you have not submitted or reported your CEUs to CCB, you can submit a Renewal Application, and include documentation of the 40 required CEUs and your renewal fee on or before your renewal date. Go to the "Forms" section to complete the online or PDF form.

You will receive a letter within four weeks confirming your renewal. The renewal certificate is valid for another two years. 

Retake the CHPC examination
If you have missed the renewal date and have exhausted the grace and extension periods and still do not have the required CEUs for renewal, the only other option is to retake the CHPC exam.

You must meet the eligibility requirements to take the CHPC exam, schedule the exam and pay the full application fee, just as you did to originally obtain the certification.

You will have a new certification renewal date based on the month that you sit for and pass this exam.

For more information on eligibility requirements, see step No. 2 in the "Five steps to CHPC certification" section.

Failure to renew certification
If you fail to renew your certification, you are no longer considered CHPC certified and may not use the credential in professional communications such as on letterhead, stationary, business cards, in directory listings, or in signature.