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1. Gain work experience

  Students who have successfully completed a certificate program from a CCB-accredited university within the last two years are exempt from the work experience requirement, and can apply to sit for a CCB certification exam, provided the exam is taken within 12 months of successfully completing the CCB-accredited university program.

In order to apply to sit for a CCB exam, candidate must gain the necessary work experience. Candidates must be a Compliance Professional.

Compliance Professional means: 

     You have at least one year in a full time compliance position or 1,500 hours of direct compliance job duties earned in the two years preceding your application date, and

     Job duties performed directly relate to the tasks reflected in the “Detailed Content Outline." 


All candidates must complete the “Work Experience” section of the CHPC Exam Application, and indicate which work experience criteria they meet. CCB staff is unable to determine this for you.