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CHPC Detailed content outline

To help prepare for the CHPC exam, CCB provides candidates with a “Detailed Content Outline” specific to the CHPC exam.

The outline contains:

     The areas and tasks that will be tested in the CHPC® examination.Sample exam format

     The number of questions on the exam from each of the three cognitive levels and subject areas.

The examination will be scored on participants’ responses to 120 multiple-choice questions spread across all subject areas.

The numbers on the right side of each section of the outline indicate:

     Recall: the number of questions that require recollection of specific knowledge related to the subject area. This number is part of the total.

     Application: the number of questions that require application of recalled knowledge to discern the final answer. This number is part of the total.

     Analysis: the number of questions that require the analysis of a situation to determine a proper action listed among several choices. This number is part of the total.

     Total: the total number of questions from the subject area that will appear on the exam.

See the CHPC “Detailed Content Outline” in our Handbook.