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Computerized testing resources

Candidates have the option of taking a pencil/paper exam at an HCCA event or a computer-based exam at AMP assessment centers.

Questions presented during the practice exam are not indicative of questions asked during the actual exam nor should practice exam results be inferred of actual exam results.


You may want to become familiar with how the computerized exam functions, if you plan on taking it at an AMP assessment center. To help you do that, here are two resources:

     A practice exam: It is only intended to help you become familiar with how the computerized testing program functions. Those taking the paper-pencil exam do not need to use this resource. Additionally, you may take a similar practice exam at the AMP assessment center. Begin the practice exam now.

     A key to taking the computerized exam:

  1. Use the “Time” button or select the “Time” key to view the time remaining to complete the exam.The program will terminate if you exceed the two-hour time limit.
  2. Only one exam question and its four options appear on each screen. The question number appears in the lower right portion of the screen.
  3. Indicate your choice by entering the letter of the option in the bar at the bottom of the screen, or by selecting the option with your mouse.
  4. Click on the forward arrow (>) in the lower right portion of the screen or select the “Next” key to move to the next question.
  5. An examination question may be left unanswered to return later in the testing session. Questions may also be bookmarked for later review by clicking the blank box to the right of the “Time” button.
  6. Repeatedly click on the double arrows (>>) or press the “Next” key to identify all unanswered and bookmarked questions.