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888-580-8373 | 952-405-7900

Have a question?

Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email

3. Apply to take the exam

Once you have satisfied candidacy requirements, complete and submit the Exam Application and the appropriate testing fee.

Go to the "Forms" section to complete the CHC online application or the paper application form.

 If you are taking the exam at an HCCA event and are applying online, select the event you will be attending from the drop-down list on the online Examination Application, or use the Event Exam Application form associated with the HCCA event.            

If applying online, you'll need to login to your free, password-protected HCCA account. Any individual who has previously participated in an HCCA or SCCE activity has a free password-protected online account already set up. If you don’t remember your login information, click “Forgot Login?”

Only complete and legible applications will be accepted. Be sure the form includes documentation of 20 CCB CEUs, if not already on file with CCB, and include the exam application fee.

Applications that do not include the necessary application fee will be held for five business days to wait for mailed payments. After five business days, the application will be discarded.

If your application is accepted
If your application is accepted, you should receive an email confirmation within five business days. If you do not receive a confirmation notice, contact CCB at 952-988-0141 or 888-580-8373.

If your application is not accepted
If your application is not accepted because it is incomplete or illegible, you will receive a call or an email within five business days from CCB certification specialists who will attempt to obtain the required information.

If the information is not obtained within five business days, the application will be discarded and any exam fees already paid will be forfeited.

You can re-apply for the exam by completing a new “Exam Application”—ensuring that it is complete, accurate, and legible—and including the full examination fee.