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Sample CHC exam questions

1) When a patient requests access to PHI, the covered entity can: 

The sample questions are only intended to help familiarize you with the format of the exam. Questions presented here are not indicative of the actual exam, and results should not be inferred of actual exam results.

        a. Take up to 120 days to respond 
        b. Charge for retrieving the record 
        c. Require that the request be in writing 
        d. Request the patient accept a summary of the record

2) Changes to the Privacy and Security provisions 
    of the HIPAA and its regulations were enacted in which of the 
    following acts?
        a. GINA 
        b. FERA 
        c. FACTA 
        d. HITECH

3) Appropriate progressive discipline policies associated with a compliance program should be: 
        a. Defined by role 
        b. Enforced consistently 
        c. Applied to physicians 
        d. Reported to the government

4) An employee notifies the compliance professional that a co-worker in the billing office is waiving 
    insurance co-payments for friends and family members covered by Medicare. The employee also 
    says that he has told the supervisor, but the problem has not been addressed. Which of the 
    following is the MOST appropriate course of action for the compliance professional?
        a. Contact the supervisor to inform her what the employee has said 
        b. Direct the CFO to conduct an investigation 
        c. Review co-payment waivers to independently substantiate the allegation 
        d. Direct the supervisor to conduct an investigation

5) A compliance professional has confirmed that an employee had inappropriately looked in a 
    medical record of a nationally known VIP and had sold the information to a tabloid. What 
    should the compliance professional do NEXT?
        a. Provide privacy training 
        b. Notify the OCR 
        c. Interview involved staff 
        d. Notify legal counsel

Answer key: 1. C, 2. D, 3. B, 4. C, 5. D