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Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email

Key resources

The exam is largely based on compliance work experience and therefore an official study guide is not available for this exam. However, to help prepare for the CHC examination, CCB recommends candidates:

     Review the CHC Candidate Handbook and the “Detailed Content Outline.”

     Read HCCA's Compliance 101 book, The Health Care Compliance Professional's Manual, or 
        The Monitoring and Auditing Practices for Effective Compliance book. All can be ordered 
        from HCCA's website.

     Attend an HCCA Basic Compliance Academy. There you will receive a complimentary copy of 
        The Health Care Compliance Professional's Manual, and have access to event materials. 
        Go to to register.

     Use the HCCAnet social network to ask questions and network with other healthcare 
        compliance professionals and CCB certification holders.

     Review reference materials and programs that are the basis for the “Detailed Content
        Outline,” such as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. These programs and 
        reference materials are created by government agencies and groups that establish 
        policies and guidelines related to healthcare compliance and ethics, and groups 
        that regulate compliance and ethics issues. These include:

             Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Chapter 8

             Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

             OIG searchable database of excluded individuals and entities

             Office for Civil Rights 

             U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

             Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

             U.S. House of Representatives

             Government Printing Office