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Step 1. Keep Track of Your Certification Renewal Date

It is your responsibility to keep track of your renewal date and submit the CEUs and renewal fee prior to your certification expiration—which is every two years from the month you originally passed the certification exam.

You may receive courtesy reminders from CCB certification staff; however, failure to receive these reminders does not constitute a right to petition CCB’s Board of Directors for an extension.

CCEP certification holders have a 30-day grace period beyond the renewal month. If additional time is needed to gain CEUs, you may extend the period by an additional 30 or 60 days by paying the monthly extension fee and completing the Renewal Extension Request form.

Individuals who need to use the grace or extension periods should note that their next renewal date will then be fewer than 24 months away, which will require accumulation of 40 CCB CEUs in a reduced time.