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3 Steps to Renew Your CCEP Certification

Attaining a certification is a verification of broad-based knowledge in the discipline being tested at that point in time. Therefore, certification renewal is required every two years.

Attendance at SCCE events or renewing your SCCE membership is not the same as renewing your CCB certification. See the "Frequently asked questions" section for more information about the differences.

1. Keep track of your renewal date

It is your responsibility to keep track of your renewal date and submit the renewal fee prior to your certification expiration—which is every two years from the month you originally passed the certification exam. Keep track of your renewal date

2. Earn and submit the required CEUs

Certificate holders must earn and submit 40 CCB approved continuing education units in order to renew the certification. CEUs must include 20 from "live" training events, and must be earned within the two-year renewal period. Earn and submit the required CEUs

3. Submit the renewal fee

Once CCB has documentation of your 40 CCB CEUs, submit the renewal fee to complete the renewal process. If you haven't submitted your CEUs to CCB, submit a Renewal Application and include documentation of the 40 CEUs and include the renewal fee. Submit the renewal fee