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Renewal of CCEP Fellowship Status

The initial designation of CCEP-F is valid for two years.

Fellows may maintain their certification by:

  1. Documentation of 50 CCB continuing education credits;
  2. Payment of the $200.00 renewal fee, and;
  3. Documentation of 10 units of professional service activities which may include:
    • Presentation on behalf of HCCA/SCCE at a conference or audioconference.
    • Publication of a compliance article in an HCCA/SCCE affiliated publication.
    • Committee/taskforce work for or on behalf of HCCA/SCCE.
    • Community service on behalf of HCCA/SCCE.
    • Other activities if approved by the CCB Fellowship Certification Committee.

A unit of professional compliance activity will be calculated as follows:

  • One hour of presentation would be equivalent to one unit professional service activity.
  • One article is equivalent to one unit of professional service activity.
  • One hour of committee/taskforce work will be equivalent to one unit professional service activity.
  • One hour of community service on behalf of HCCA/SCCE is equivalent to one unit of professional service activity.

If the candidate wishes to have other activities counted towards the professional service activity units the activities will need to be submitted to the CCB Fellowship Certification Committee for a determination.

You will receive numerous reminders of your renewal deadline from our certification staff as a courtesy; however, failure to receive reminders does not constitute a right to petition when renewal procedures are not followed. It is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of your renewal date and submit the appropriate renewal papers prior to your expiration regardless of notification from the certification board. If all required information is received, the certification is valid for another two-year certification period. If the required information is not received, retesting is the only option for again obtaining the credential.

Failure To Renew: A fellow who fails to renew his/her certification by the renewal date is no longer considered certified and may not use the credential awarded for certification in professional communications, such as on letterhead, stationery, and business cards, in directory listings and in signature. Once a fellow has allowed his/her certification to lapse, the CCEP-F may only be renewed by re-applying for fellowship status as if the individual had never obtained the CCEP-F.