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Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email


The Examinations are administered via computer at more than 170 AMP Assessment Centers geographically distributed throughout the United States. There are no application deadlines and candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for an examination may submit their applications and fees at any time. The following steps outline the application process:

1. The candidate completes and submits a paper application (included in this handbook for a computerized version or obtained from for a date‑specific paper version of the exam) and appropriate fee when the eligibility requirements are satisfied. CCB reserves the right to verify information supplied by or on behalf of a candidate. Any misrepresentation of information shall be considered grounds for prohibition from testing or revocation of certification.

An application is considered complete only if all information requested is complete, legible, and accurate; if the candidate is eligible for the examination; and if the appropriate fee accompanies the application. Required information includes personal information, indication of eligibility for examination, indication of the applicable fee, and the applicant’s signature. 

2. The application is processed, and a confirmation notice of eligibility is sent to the candidate within approximately 3 business days. If a confirmation notice is not received within two weeks, contact CCB at 888-580-8373. This confirmation of a candidate’s eligibility and acceptance of the application is valid for 90 days. A candidate who fails to schedule an appointment for examination within the 90-day period forfeits the application and all fees paid to take the examination. A complete application and examination fee are required to reapply for examination.

In addition to computer-administered examinations, paper‑and‑pencil administrations will be scheduled throughout the year at various events.

What conferences offer the exam afterwards?

CHC - HCCA Compliance Institute

All HCCA Basic Compliance Academies

CCEP - SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute

All Basic Compliance & Ethics Academies

CHPC - HCCA Compliance Institute

All HCCA Privacy Compliance Academies

CHRC - HCCA Compliance Institute

Research Compliance Conference

All HCCA Research Compliance Academies

CCEP-I - SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute

SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute

All SCCE International Basic Compliance & Ethics Academies

Schedule to Take the Exam

If you plan to take the exam at one of HCCA/SCCE events, you will want to go to their website at or and click the examination application link listed below the event you plan on taking the exam at. Fill out the application and fax it to Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. at 913-895-4651 or mail to AMP, 18000 West 105th St. Olathe, KS 66061

If you would like to apply for an exam at an HCCA or SCCE event after the application deadline, please email or

To schedule an electronic examination at an AMP Assessment Center, first submit the application located within the candidate handbook. After your application has been processed, you may contact Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. at 888-519-9901 OR go to the AMP website at and under Candidates select “Schedule an Exam!”

Testing Locations

 View Testing Centers in your Area Click HERE

If you pass the exam

Congratulations! Your certification is valid for two years. You now can use the Certified Compliance & Ethics Fellowship (CCEP-F)® designation.

You may want to use it in professional communication items such as business cards, letters, or in your email signature, among others. If you’d like to use the CCEP-F logo, download it here.

     Lower resolution GIF suitable for web and email: CCEP-F logo
     High resolution JPEG suitable for offset printing:  CCEP-F logo

Additionally, CCB will mail you an official certificate and other documents within four weeks of your exam.

CCB reserves the right to publicly recognize any candidate who has successfully completed a CCEP-F certification exam.

If you did not pass the exam 
If you do not pass the exam, re-apply by submitting the “Reapplication” section included on your “Score Report” and include the rescheduling fee within 90 days of the original exam date. In order to retest, you will need 20 CCB CEUs that have been earned within 12 months of the retesting date.

If you re-apply for the exam within 90 days of the failed exam, you avoid having to submit the full application and full exam fee.

Candidates who fail the second exam attempt must wait 180 days from their most recent exam date and must file a full application with the full exam fee.