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Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional Fellowship CCEP-F

You work in a high risk and challenging environment that demands a proactive approach. Being certified in this dynamic, growing industry can help.

CCEP-F Professional: The CCEP-F is a professional with knowledge of relevant regulations and expertise in compliance processes sufficient to assist the corporate industry to understand and address legal obligations, and promote organizational integrity through the operation of effective compliance programs.

The purpose of certification is to promote compliance through the certification of qualified compliance professionals by:

  1. Recognizing formally those individuals who meet the eligibility requirements of the CCB and pass the Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional Fellowship (CCEP-F) Examination.
  2. Encouraging continued personal and professional growth in the practice of compliance.
  3. Providing a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification; thereby assisting employers, the public and members of the professions in the assessment of a compliance professional.

The rigorous standards and professional conduct required by certification will enhance your credibility as a compliance practitioner and that of the programs you develop, implement, and maintain. Achieving certification will require a diligent effort by the compliance practitioner.

Certification will:

  • Enhance the credibility of the compliance practitioner.
  • Enhance the credibility of the compliance programs staffed by these certified professionals.
  • Assure that each certified compliance practitioner has the broad knowledge base necessary to perform the compliance function.
  • Establish professional standards and status for compliance professionals.
  • Facilitate compliance work for compliance practitioners in dealing with other professionals in the industry, such as physicians and attorneys.
  • Demonstrate the hard work and dedication necessary to perform the compliance task