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888-580-8373 | 952-405-7900

Have a question?

Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email

4. Schedule your exam

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an exam eligibility confirmation from CCB. The confirmation includes the phone number needed to schedule an exam appointment with Applied Measurement Professionals. AMP administers the two-and-a-half hour computer-based exam by appointment only.

map of test sites

Please make note of your AMP appointment time because you will only receive a confirmation of the appointment if you provided an email address. AMP exam appointments are:  

     Scheduled as early as five business days after calling, dependent on site availability, or can be scheduled weeks ahead to accommodate your schedule. Just be sure to take the examination within 12 months of receiving the exam eligibility confirmation. You can only take the exam at the time it was scheduled.  

     Located at AMP assessment centers. See the international AMP testing sites or click on the map to the right to find a testing location nearest you.

Candidates who require special accommodations due to a disability should complete the “Request for Special Examination Accommodations” form and the “Documentation of Disability-Related Needs” form along with the “Exam Application." Submit the forms at least 45 business days prior to the desired testing date.

If a candidate’s CEUs are set to expire before the candidate is able to sit for the exam, he or she may submit additional CEUs earned. Doing so extends the eligibility window, which allows the candidate to sit for the exam with valid CEUs. If the eligibility window expires, the candidate must submit a new application showing valid CEUs, and full exam fees.

Candidates who are absent from a scheduled exam, or those who fail the exam must contact CCB within 90 days of the originally scheduled exam date to reschedule. The application and exam fees already paid are forfeited if a candidate in these situations fails to contact CCB within 90 days of the originally scheduled exam date.

For more information, see the “CCB certification policies” section.