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Call CCB at 888-580-8373 or email

2. Earn and submit the required CEUs

Candidates must earn and submit 20 CCB approved continuing education units in order to apply to sit for a CCB examination. CEUs must:

     Include 10 earned from “live” training events, which include face-to-face training events or real-time web conferences.

     Be earned within the 12-month period preceding the date of the exam.

How to accumulate CCB CEUs
CCB accepts relevant CEUs from any organization or event sponsor. Candidates are not required to attend SCCE training or events to accrue CCB CEUs.

Qualifying CCB CEU Activities


 No. of CEUs earned

 "Live" training

Attend SCCE events

 1 per 50-minute hour


SCCE hosts more than 25 events annually. See the event's brochure for specific CEUs awarded at each event.
Attend events hosted by other organizations

 1 per 50-minute hour


Submit CEUs for any outside event that, at least in part, relates to compliance and ethics.
Guest commentate 

 2 per day or 10 total


Be a guest commentator on SCCE's social network, SCCEnet, for one week.

Mentor and network

 1.5 max


Attend SpeedMentoring and/or SpeedNetworking events at SCCE's Compliance & Ethics Institute. 
Participate in a live SCCE web conference 

 1.2 per 90-minutes


Participate in SCCE's live web conferences. SCCE hosts numerous web conferences annually.
Participate in a live web conference hosted by another organization 

 1.2 per 90-minutes


Participate in any organization's web conference that, at least in part, relates to compliance and ethics.
Participate in a recorded SCCE web conference 

 1.2 per 90-minutes


Listen to an SCCE recorded web conference. 
Pass quizzes     
The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual, an SCCE product 



Compliance 101 book, an SCCE product 



Monthly Compliance  & Ethics Professional magazine (Quizzes expire 12 months after issue date) 

 1 per issue


Present on a compliance-related topic 

 2 per presentation


At an SCCE event or one hosted by another organization. 
Publish an article 

 2 per article


In SCCE's Compliance & Ethics Professional magazine or other educational publication. 
Blog in compliance  2 per blog post No
Publish a compliance-related educational blog post (minimum 400 words).

 1 per 50-minute hour


Complete online training modules or reading that, at least in part, relates to compliance and ethics.

This list is a guidelines, and may change at any time. CEU values may be adjusted once a CCB certification specialist has carefully reviewed submissions.


Content submitted for CCB CEUs must meet at least one of the 10 subject areas identified by CCB as relevant to compliance certification. Those subject areas include: Application of management practices for the compliance professional, application of personal and business ethics in compliance, written compliance policies and procedures, designation of compliance officers and committees, compliance training and education, communication and reporting mechanisms in compliance, enforcement of compliance standards and discipline, auditing and monitoring for compliance, response to compliance violations and corrective actions, and complying with government regulators.

How to request your CCB CEUs
Whether you participate in an SCCE activity or one sponsored by another organization, you will need to claim your CEUs and submit them to CCB so they are available to be used toward certification or renewal.

 This step is especially important if you plan on taking the exam as part of an SCCE event and intend to use CEUs earned at the event to be eligible to sit for the exam. The completed event CEU form is proof that you attended the events and should be awarded CEUs. Be sure to give the completed form to SCCE or CCB staff prior to taking the exam.


If you are attending an SCCE event, request and complete the proper application for continuing education credits from SCCE or CCB staff. Send the completed CEU form to CCB within 30 days of the event. Generally, CCB sends certificates of credit or attendance via email within four weeks after the event.

If you attended an event hosted by another organization, the event sponsor should have distributed a certificate of credit or attendance to all attendees. The certificate, if the event was pre-approved by the CCB, will list the total amount of CCB CEUs awarded for the event. Certificates distributed by event hosts other than SCCE are done so by that organization’s timeline. Use the information on the certificate to complete the “Continuing Education” section of the Examination Application.

If you attended an event that was not CCB pre-approved, you still may submit those CEUs to CCB for review using an Individual Accreditation Application form. CCB certification specialists will review the application and program information, and determine whether the content meets CCB requirements for continuing education credit. For more information on this topic, see the "Candidates' frequently asked question" section.

How to submit CEUs to CCB
You have attended compliance training or events and now want to have those CEUs added to your CCB CEU account so that you can apply to sit for the CCEP-I exam. Here’s how to submit CEUs to CCB.

If you participated in an SCCE activity, or an event that was CCB pre-approved for CEU credits, you can easily log your credits online through the CEU online account portal. Select the CCEP-I certification and then login. Then select “Add CEUs.”

Once on the “Add CEUs” screen, you can select the category of CEUs you would like to add and then complete the easy online form for the category. To submit CEUs earned at an event that was not CCB pre-approved, you can complete an Individual Accreditation Application either online or by using the paper form.

If you are submitting CEUs for the “Pre‑approved events (Non-SCCE Events)” section, you will need the program code at the bottom of the official certificate of credit that was previously given by that organization.