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Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional-International

The corporate world can be a high-risk and challenging environment that demands a proactive compliance approach. Being certified in this dynamic, growing profession can help demonstrate your expertise in helping mitigate compliance-related risks.CCEP-I handbook cover

The Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional–International (CCEP-I)® is someone with knowledge of relevant international regulations and expertise in compliance processes sufficient to assist organizations with their legal obligations, and someone who promotes organizational integrity through the operation of effective compliance programs.

Certification highlights

     An SCCE membership is not necessary to attain, maintain, or renew a CCEP-I certification.

     Certification is valid for two years, and expires the month the candidate originally passed the CCEP-I certification exam.

     The CCEP-I certification program is managed by the Compliance Certification Board, which contracts with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. to assist in the testing, scoring and analysis of its exams.

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