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Compliance Today Articles and Quizzes

A list of Compliance Today magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below. Compliance Today is published monthly by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

To gain CEUs for your CCB certification, read the articles and take the corresponding CEU quiz. Quizzes are considered non-live CEUs. Individuals can only have 10 non-live CEUs count toward a CCB certification, and 20 non-live CEUs for certification renewal.

Individuals must first login to their free, password-protected account in order to take the quizzes online. A PDF version is offered if you prefer not to login to your account. Email the completed PDF quiz to CCB, or upload it through the online CEU portal for the CEUs to be included in your CEU account. Contact CCB if you have questions.

december 2018

12/18 cover 

Compliance risk areas to consider for 2019 Cornelia M. Dorfschmid and Catie Heindel

The diverse faces of telemedicine delivery and reimbursement John P. Benson

Creating a culture of compliance Edye T. Edens


   online quiz          pdf quiz




False Claims Act enforcement: Evolving policies from the DOJ | Gabriel L. Imperato

Auditing compliance with CMS provider-based rules | Ilah R. Naudasher and Claire Turcotte

Comparing risks: Physician employment and clinical integration | Ellis “Mac” Knight

Monitoring as an opportunity to build partnerships | Andrea Seykora and Melinda Allie


 online quiz          pdf quiz



Compliance Today 08/18 

Overlapping surgeries: Compounding regulatory requirements and risks Sara Kay Wheeler and Lauren Gennett 

Key considerations in telepharmacy compliance Benjamin M. Daniels and Alexandra B. Shalom

Why aren’t more organizations cross-training effectively? Edye T. Edens

Documentation compliance through knowledgeable staff and policy Ida L. Landry

online quiz           pdf quiz 


JULY 2018

 Compliance Today July 2018

Telehealth: A new frontier for compliance officers | Randi E. Seigel and Megan N. Sherman

Compliance project management 101 | Tish Henderson

Privacy is dead. Ask Alexa! | Luis Ospina

Tracking business associate agreements: Where are yours? | Jason Throckmorton              


online quiz          pdf quiz


MAY 2018

0518 CT cover

Best practices for handling large-scale HIPAA breaches in research | Emmelyn Kim and Cynthia Hahn

Maintaining patient privacy during an emergency | Terrie B. Estes, Peter A. Khoury, and Kaitlin McCarthy

Evaluating your training effectiveness | Joette P. Derricks


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APRIL 2018

04-18 cover

Board responsibility for compliance oversight and program effectiveness Gabriel L. Imperato and Anne Novick Branan

Ban the Box: A brief overview of criminal background checks Andrew Amari and Cornelia M. Dorfschmid

Strengthen compliance to avoid management’s liability for opioid diversion Stephen Stigall


online quiz           pdf quiz 


MARCH 2018

03-18 cover

Navigating Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and False Claims Act liability | Gary W. Herschman, Melissa L. Jampol, and Tristan A. Potter-Strait

Safety is the law: Occupational safety compliance | Dale Sanders and Tom Ealey

Building a security program: It’s not just IT | Eric Hummel


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February 2018