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Compliance & Ethics Professional Articles and Quizzes

A list of Compliance & Ethics Professional magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below. Compliance & Ethics Professional is published bi-monthly by the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE).

To gain CEUs for your CCB certification, read the articles and take the corresponding CEU quiz. Quizzes are considered non-live CEUs. Individuals can only have 10 non-live CEUs count toward a CCB certification, and 20 non-live CEUs for certification renewal.

Individuals must first login to their free, password-protected account in order to take the quizzes online. A PDF version is offered if you prefer not to login to your account. Email the completed PDF quiz to CCB, or upload it through the online CEU portal for the CEUs to be included in your CEU account. Contact CCB if you have questions.

February 2018

Compliance and Ethics Professional 02/18 cover 

Preventing corruption in multinational corporations: A very different game, Part 2 Duncan McCampbell

An enforcer’s view of compliance | Leigh Faugust

Criminal liability of an executive under Turkish law | Filiz Toprak Esin and Ömer Bayman


Online Quiz           PDF Quiz




Compliance and Ethics Professional 01/18 cover 

A three-year mapping effort: Focus on compliance Charlotte D. Young

Defining, mitigating, and reducing harassment in the workplace | Julia Méndez

Key compliance concerns for 2018 | Mónica Ramírez Chimal


online quiz           pdf quiz



November 2017

September 2017

August 2017

CEP 08/17 

Built to last: Top 5 reasons your compliance initiatives fail | Amii Barnard-Bahn 

Analysis on the corruption perception in Turkey | Barıs Kalaycı, Filiz Toprak Esin, and Ömer Bayman  

Complying with corruption regulations: Best practices | Matthew DeCicco


Online quiz           PDF quiz


July 2017

CEP 07/17 cover 

Current trends in corporate internal investigations, Part 1: Maintaining privilege and confidentiality Vince Farhat, Nicholas B. Melzer, and Juan M. Rodriguez 

Has corruption given all of us willful blindness? | Mónica Ramírez Chimal

Gift giving and entertainment culture in Nigeria | Akindele O. Fayombo


Online quiz           PDF Quiz


June 2017

 CEP June 2017

Political law compliance: Considerations and strategies Melissa Miles and Patricia Zweibel

Anti-bribery programs: A web of ethical and legal dilemmas | Robin Singh

Export compliance: Challenges and best practices | Thaddeus McBride and Heather Smith


Online Quiz            PDF Quiz


March 2017

Compliance and Ethics Professional 03/17 cover 

11 tips for engaging middle managers on compliance Craig Thomas and Monica Locklear

Five tactics to dramatically improve your Code of Conduct Kirsten Liston and Meghan Daniels

Product integrity: Some compliance principles for engineering organizations | Laurie Burgett


Online Quiz           PDF Quiz