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5. Take the exam

Exam day has arrived! You will have two hours to complete the 120-question exam. Only 100 questions will be scored. Be sure to answer each question before ending the exam.

The exam is only given in English.

If you are taking the exam at an HCCA event, the event program includes the time and room the exam is scheduled to be held. You should check-in for the exam at least 15 minutes prior to the exam start time.

Examination entrance rules
Whether taking the computerized exam at an AMP assessment center or the paper-and-pencil exam at an HCCA event, candidates must:

     Arrive at the testing center or room 15 minutes prior to the 
        scheduled exam start time. Candidates who arrive late will not be 

     Leave all personal belongings including: beverages, digital watches, 
        books, papers, and electronic devices in a vehicle if testing at an 
        AMP center, or in the designated area of the testing room at an
        HCCA event.

     Present two forms of current identification to gain admission into the testing center. One form of 
        identification must include a current photograph. Both forms must include your signature and 
        current name.

        Acceptable forms of current photo identification include: driver’s license, state identification card, 
        passport, or military identification card. Any type of temporary identification is not acceptable as 
        the primary form of identification.

Examination rules
After you have provided sufficient identification to enter the examination center, you will be directed to a seat.

For those taking the paper-and-pencil exam at an HCCA event, the proctor will begin the exam session with a reading of the exam rules.

For those taking the computerized exam at an AMP assessment center, AMP personnel will take your picture. This photo will remain on
your computer screen throughout the examination and will print on your score report.

Next, a practice exam is offered prior to attempting the actual computer-based exam.

Be sure to abide by all examination rules:

     Personal pens, pencils, or other writing instruments are not allowed in the testing center. Pencils will be 
        provided during check-in.

     Electronic devices of any kind are not allowed in the testing center.

     Questions concerning the content of the exam may not be asked during the exam. 

     Eating, drinking, or smoking are not permitted in the testing center.

     You will be given scratch paper to use during the exam. This paper must be returned to the proctor at the 
        exam completion or you will not receive a score report. No documents or notes of any kind may be 
        removed from the examination room. All computer screens, questions, papers and written 
        materials are the property of AMP and may not be reproduced in any form. 

     The proctor may dismiss a candidate from the exam at any time and at their discretion. See the full list 
        of reasons in the "CCB policies" section.

At the conclusion of the examination, you will be asked to complete a short evaluation of your testing experience.

Review your score report

Review your “Score Report” to determine whether you passed the exam.

     If you took the computerized exam at an AMP assessment center, you will receive results immediately 
        after completing the exam along with a more detailed “Score Report.”

     If you took the examination via paper-and-pencil, you will receive a letter from AMP with your results 
        within three weeks.

Your “Score Report” will indicate a “pass” or “fail.” Additionally, it includes raw scores by major content categories. A raw score, which determines your pass/fail status, is the number of questions you answered correctly. Your score is based on 100 of the 120 question exam.

The methodology used to set the minimum passing score is the Angoff method, where expert psychometricians estimate the passing probability of each item on the exam. These ratings are averaged to determine the minimum passing score.

If you pass the exam
Congratulations! Your certification is valid for two years. You now can use the Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC)® designation.

You may want to use it in professional communication items such as business cards, letters or in your email signature, among others. If you’d like to use the CHC logo, download it here.

     Lower resolution GIF suitable for web and email: CHC logo
     High resolution JPEG suitable for offset printing:  CHC logo

Additionally, CCB will mail you an official certificate and other documents within four weeks of your exam.

CCB reserves the right to publicly recognize any candidate who has successfully completed a CHC certification exam.

If you did not pass the exam
If you do not pass the examination, re-apply by submitting the “Reapplication” section included on your “Score Report” and include the rescheduling fee. In order to retest, you will need 20 CCB CEUs that have been earned within 12 months of the retesting date.

Candidates who fail the second exam attempt must wait 180 days from their most recent exam date before reapplying to take the exam. The fee to retake is based on your submitted CEUs. Keeping these CEUs (20 CCB CEUs earned within 12 months) current and submitting additional CEUs prior to expiration will keep you from having to pay the full exam fee upon retesting.