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Compliance and Ethics Certification Program Accreditation

The Compliance Certification Board welcomes applications for program accreditation from organizations that provide compliance and ethics education and training. Programs submitted for CCB accreditation must address at least one of the 10 subject areas identified by CCB as relevant to compliance certification.

 CCB credit is awarded for every 50 minutes of actual time spent in instruction. When submitting credits, please calculate total hours or minutes of participation. Credit will not be given for networking, social activities, breaks, meals, or time spent in non-instructional activities such as question-and-answer sessions.

If, during review of the application, the CCB certification specialist determines the total amount of instruction time varies significantly from the time indicated by the event sponsor, the CCB certification specialist will contact the sponsor for further information.


Program sponsors should:

     Submit the program accreditation application form along with all 
        required supporting documentation. Contact CCB for more information.

     Submit the application fee to CCB.

Allow at least six weeks for review by the CCB Continuing Education Committee, who may contact you with additional questions.

If your program is approved
Upon accreditation approval, CCB will issue the sponsor a master certificate, which should be given to program participants. Any certificate other than the CCB-issued master certificate may not be accepted as documentation of earned CCB CEUs. The program sponsor must submit a list of the event’s attendees to CCB within six weeks of the event. For conferences and seminars, a sign-in sheet also must be submitted with the list of attendees.

Sponsors are not required to send certificates to CCB on behalf of the individuals seeking credit. It is the responsibility of the individual receiving CCB CEUs to submit the certificate to CCB for credits. Additionally, it is the candidate’s responsibility to maintain a file of continuing education activities and certificates of attendance. CCB does not retain copies of individual certificates award for continuing education activities.

If your program is not approved
If the event is not accredited, a CCB certification specialist will notify the program sponsor. Decisions regarding accreditation may be appealed to the CCB Board of Directors. The board may, at its discretion, uphold the findings of the Continuing Education Committee or render its own findings regarding accreditation and total award, or it may refer the application back to the committee for a second review. Any decision by the board is final.

Any willful violation of the terms above or the reckless mishandling or distribution of continuing education documentation will be grounds for review by the CCB Continuing Education Committee and/or the CCB Ethics Review Committee. This review may ultimately result in revocation of the program.